Meet Caleb

Meet Caleb! The Newest Member of the Unit 7 team.

The walls are going up on site today!!

U7 Line up


Taylor is # 2 in our #U7line up. The youngest member of the U7 team she is full of spunk and has a great work ethic.


U7 Line up

Meet Cesar

# 1 in the U7 line up. He has been with Unit 7 since the begining, he always gets the job done right the first time and keeps everyone laughing and smiling at work. Go Cesar!

Winnipeg Beach Cottage

Completed another great project out at Winnipeg beach, with high windows, wood and tile details. What more could you ask for at the lake.

Design Build

The latest design build project is moving ahead full steam on Grenfell street 

Gillis Quarries

On Wednesday the team spent the day at the gillis quarries learning about tyndall stone and all the amazing uses for the manitoban stone. We highly recommend going on the tour.