Unit 7 Architecture | Projects - Victoria Beach Summer Home V - VIEW FROM LAKESIDE

Victoria Beach Summer Home V

Location: Victoria Beach, Lake Winnipeg
Type: Restoration / Renovation
Year: 2010

Considerable fire damage necessitated a wholesale renovation of this early 1970’s, modernist weekend home on the eastern shore of Lake Winnipeg. At the same time however, the unfortunate incident presented the owner with an opportunity to make design ’adjustments’ to both accommodate modern amenities and give the place a more summer emphasis. Although conceived of by the original architect - the iconic Gustavo da Roza - as a year round weekend retreat, the current owner is primarily a ’fair season’ user, and found the original design slightly oppressive on hot summer days. Great care was taken to ensure that all new interventions were in keeping with the spirit of the original design.  In fact, it is difficult to determine what design moves are original, and what moves are new.

Lots of interior wood was removed in favour of painted drywall, a number of strategically placed windows were added and bris-soleil type elements were inserted in the existing large overhanging exterior roof / wall elements.  Although still shading large expanses of glass, the bris-soleil give these exterior spaces a much needed feeling of openness. The ’piece de resistance’  of the project is a 12’ x 20’ cantilevered deck with a spectacular view to the lake.


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