Unit 7 Architecture | Projects - 710 Westminster - SUNSET VIEW ALONG WESTMINISTER

710 Westminster

Located on the boundary between the neighbourhoods of West Broadway and Wolseley, at the prominent intersection of Westminster Avenue and Maryland Street, this development will positively impact the ongoing revitalization of the Maryland - Sherbrook area. As a mixed-use complex, this project will boost the commerce and hence the economy of the neighbourhood, while at the same time injecting life by providing affordable rental units for residents that will call this development “home”.

The four lots that this development involves represent an ideal opportunity for the development of a community-oriented project. Currently, this urban infill area is under-utilized, lacking to provide a positive impact on its immediate surroundings. Lot 109 Maryland has been vacant for many years; half of lot 91 has an undetermined use; and all three houses standing on these lots (dating back to the early 1900’s) are in poor condition, and do not contribute to the resurgent character of the neighbourhood.

The building includes approximately 11,600 sq.ft. of leasable commercial space on two levels; close to 31,000 sq.ft. of apartments on four levels for a total of 44 living units; and a 12,800 sq.ft. / ±42-car parking area, of which half is protected under the building.


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