Unit 7 Architecture | Projects - Victoria Beach Summer Home NI

Victoria Beach Summer Home NI

Location: Victoria Beach, MB
Type: Seasonal Residential - Renovation/ Addition
Year: Completed 2014

After careful consideration of both demolition and rehabilitation options, the owners of this 90 year old, lakefront log cabin made a pivotal decision to work with the original log structure and outbuilding - it’s charm was deemed “irreplaceable.”  As a result, the design and construction team was charged with maintaining as much of the existing structure and character as reasonable, within the context of a new functional space program.

A number of successive additions were removed and the existing interior gutted.  The existing cabin was then raised and placed on a new foundation, the logs stripped of layers of interior and exterior finish, and the entire log envelope re-chinked. Rustic, modern additions were built on the road and lakefront sides of the main cabin, and a new guesthouse placed nearest the lake. A new fireplace was designed and constructed using locally harvested stones. The existing outbuilding/ bunkhouse too was refinished, and now functions as a bike house and shed. Although not a year-round vacation home, the re-chinked logs combined with an insulated roof and perimeter foundation make the cottage comfortable for use in all but the coldest of winter months.

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