Unit 7 Architecture is a Winnipeg based design and construction company committed to creating positive and enduring change in our built environment. We seek to resolve design challenges in a functional, efficient and aesthetically pleasing manner, and are always working to develop innovative solutions for our clients, while being mindful and respectful of the communities in which we live.

Our architecture/ interior design practice is focused on small to mid size commercial, institutional and public projects, as well as multi-family and custom residential work.

In addition to design services,  we are always keen to look after the construction of your project.  Regardless of the type of job and the extent of service you desire, we are committed to providing design, production and project management services to the highest standard - uniquely fitted to your job.

If Unit 7 is involved in the construction, your project will be realized by an integrated team of design and trade professionals working together to provide you with a seamless user experience.  Whatever your needs, we likely have the solution!