Unit 7 Architecture | Projects - Palm Springs Residence

Palm Springs Residence

Twin Palms Estates, Palm Springs

Constructed in 1958, this three bedroom bungalow is an original in the famous Twin Palms Estates in South Palm Springs.  Although largely intact, the home had been modified over the years.   Our instruction was to recapture the essence of original, late 1950’s design, while ensuring that the renovated home was more contemporary in feel and functionality.

As with most residential renovations, a big part of the job was ‘opening things up.’ The post and beam construction made this task relatively easy, as all interior walls were non-load bearing.

The iconic butterfly roofline is celebrated both inside and out.  The in-slab HVAC ducting allowed for a variety of interior open rooflines and unobstructed clerestory views.

Each original home in the development came standard with two palms, hence the name Twin Palms.

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