Unit 7 Architecture | Projects - Grenfell Residence WP

Grenfell Residence WP

Location: Winnipeg
Type: Residential - New
Year: Under construction.

The owners were able to purchase an adjacent property, consolidate the two lots, and build a new home on the double lot.  The project sequence included: demolition of the existing home on the newly acquired lot;  building the new, primary residence on the new lot;  moving the family into the new house; demolishing the existing family home; and finally, the building of an attached garage and detached pool house.

u7 was charged with working through a design and construction process that was best suited for the development scenario and was responsible for all aspects of design and construction of the project. The finished product will include a 5,300 sq ft., two storey residence, complete with finished basement, attached 5 car garage, and detached indoor pool house.

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